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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Rant #2 on Briefcase Gun limits

Yesterday, I posted a rant about the ridiculous limits on the number of Briefcase Guns that can be accepted. I saw that rant echoed quite a bit in my news feed. I was able to accept a few more this morning, so at first I had some dim albeit foolish hope that Zynga actually gave a sh*t about what we had to say about this. Not so; the limit is still there, it's probably just an every 8 hour -type thing. Still unacceptable. Totally takes what little fun away that we used to get from these events. It used to be fun to see how fast we could master them. But noooo, Zynga, in their infinite retardation, always find what we like and slap it down.Why in the hell should they care how fast we master it, when you can only master one part of it every so many (too many) days?

Zynga allow me to spell this out for you in unequivocal terms: this is bullsh*t. You need to stop trying to find ways of limiting what few ways we have left to enjoy the game. You had NO reason to go and screw around with this. Now you've pissed off even more players. Man up and get rid of this dumb@ss limit.

TrollVille has some funny comments too. These comments I just grabbed from a couple Facebook groups I'm in.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Misty,
    Zynga have turned the limit down till they can patch the ZMC glitch of unlimited gifts. Once this has been patched they will take the limit off.