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Friday, December 2, 2011

inactive property build timer issue

Someone in my family mentioned a discrepancy with the timers and cost to build, between his active properties versus his inactive properties. I checked my properties just now and I observed the same thing. As you can see, my Biker Clubhouse has just over 10 hours before it can build again for free, or I can speed build for 7 reward points. It was an active property. I switched it out with the Ciderhouse, which was previously inactive, and the Ciderhouse shows the same amount of time before it can build again for free, but shows that it requires 12 reward points to speed build.

This is likely intentional, and more of a timer misunderstanding on the inactive property than a reward point cost issue. Remember that we're only able to build from 5 properties per day; after that, we have to pay to build from additional properties or again from the same active properties. The build timers should be respective to each property, and since I built from my Biker Clubhouse earlier, that build timer reset. Since I did not build from my Ciderhouse and it counts as building from an additional property, it makes sense that it would still be 12 reward points.

I went ahead and did a build from my Ciderhouse out of curiosity. Afterwards the timer resets to show the correct amount of time until the next available build. Likely now the reward point cost will go down as the hours pass, if I keep the property active.

Speed building from my Biker Clubhouse now looks the same--the build timer is back to 18 hours and the cost to build is back to 12.

So, I could be wrong, but I think this is as it should be, only the build timers are look confusing on the inactive properties. The timer shown would be the amount of time before you could build again if the property were active. But if you've otherwise already built from 5 properties, you would still have to pay the initial 12 reward points to build from a sixth unique property.

1 comment:

  1. Kind of obvious. We are only allowed 5 crafts a day so why would anyone call it a issue.