Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mafia Poker Extended

Zynga has extended the Mafia Poker event, much to my annoyance since I had just accepted 50+ Poker Cards that turned into Mystery Bags upon accepting them. And yes, I have submitted a ticket to CS, not that it will do ANY good whatsoever (my last 2 experiences with CS were an absolute nightmare and a complete waste of my life). Nonetheless, you now have roughly 1 day and 17 hours and a few minutes left to complete this event. My work schedule had kept me from getting very far, and I doubt I will be finishing this one, which is unfortunate since it seems you do not lose the Fortune Teller you previously had. I am working on Gold Mastery and I have both a Bronze AND a Silver Fortune Teller in my inventory. Anyway, there's my two cents before I leave for work. Good luck.


  1. I welcome the extension because I'm currently at 113 wins and just might be able to get the emerald with the extra day but it would mean not accepting ANY gifts other than cards and probably ignoring and losing many other gifts because my gift queue is maxed out and I can't accept any more gifts today. There is one major issue with the extension and that is the fact that tomorrow is also the first day of the second part of the gift collection promo of the wanted in the world do they expect you to be able to accept enough of BOTH itemm without maxing out on gifts AGAIN? Now to mention the torches and shells. ARGH!