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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

MAFIA WARS Dead Or Alive gifting event begins...again

The Dead Or Alive gifting mastery event for Mafia Wars has begun a second time, after first being released with some ...graphical issues. Apparently someone at Zynga didn't catch the mistake when several loot items were added earlier today without any graphics, including the Outlaw, which is the grand prize for the Dead Or Alive gift mastery event. As you can see from Keith's post on our Facebook fan page, not even the boosts appeared to have graphics when the Dead Or Alive event was first released. The event was then pulled a short while later, much to the confusion of many players that I saw.
The Outlaw was...invisible, up until a little while ago. 

 But now we can see what the loot item looks like. 

 And all of the graphics are now showing on the Dead Or Alive pop-up in the game.

This will work pretty much the same as the past few gift mastery events we've had. You'll collect boosts for three tiers of mastery, which in turn earns you a loot item that will upgrade depending on your mastery. The Gold Bar is the first boost we're collecting; it gives +130 attack skill, and its mastery item is the Train Robber.

The second item will unlock in a few days and it's the Wanted Poster, which will give +130 defense skill. Its mastery item will be the Gunslinger.

The last boost to unlock will be the Sheriff Badge, which gives +150% chance of robbing your next property successfully. Its mastery item is the Corrupt Sheriff.

Fully mastering the event will gain you the grand prize of the Outlaw loot item.

I didn't see offhand if it was mentioned how many times we'll be able to master this event, but it typically is three times.

Collect all 3 boosts for a Grand Prize.

Send and request boosts to master each level.

Outlaw [77/176]
77 176

Gold Bar
Gold Bar(+130 attack skill)

Wanted Poster
Wanted Poster(+130 defense skill)

Sheriff Badge
Sheriff Badge(+150% chance of robbing your next property successfully.)

Train Robber [107/53]
Mastery Reward
Train Robber
107 53
112 54
117 56
Gunslinger [54/111]
Mastery Reward
54 111
56 116
58 121
Corrupt Sheriff [115/56]
Mastery Reward
Corrupt Sheriff
115 56
120 58
125 60

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