Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Monday, January 16, 2012

Mafia Poker for Mafia Wars, review and fixes

A few days back, the Mafia Poker event was added to Mafia Wars. At first I thought this was actually a rare win for Zynga, as some of us really enjoy poker, plus this event was less obnoxious about the BUY BUY BUY aspect, yet still provoked us to send lots of Mafia Wars requests in the form of Poker Cards. We got a cool feature to play with, and Zynga got to make money off of it.

Well... now that we've all had a few days to digest this event, here's my two-penny ante: 

Mafia Poker for Mafia Wars is not as great as I first thought. 

The first major failing was the timer. When I realized how much of my daily allotted gifts were going to be used up in order to get the emerald mastery Fortune Teller loot item in the given timeframe, I quickly lost interest and have all but stopped playing the cards. To heck with the loot. Zynga needs to stop trying to force us to fever-pitch over this game. It might help their numbers in the short term, but the longtime and obvious trend now is that people are leaving the game because of things like this. Zynga is hurting themselves, and they don't seem to care.

And the fact that they're calling this event a "season" suggests there's going to be more of them. There's a few approaches Zynga could take to make this more palatable.
1. Double the timer length without altering the game in any other way; this still gives us a time limit to work for, but reduces the stress of having to choose which gifts to accept, and the frustration over the Poker Card black hole currently going on in our ZMCs.
2. Or, not even count the Poker Cards as Free Gifts. If there's got to be a limit on what we can collect, make that limit exclusive from our Free Gifts limit. 

3. Get rid of the "season" limited time event idea altogether and make this a regular feature, periodically updating the loot prize, maybe every 2 or 3 weeks.
This is the other thing that significantly reduced everyone's enjoyment of this event. Players found that hands that absolutely should have won, were still losing. Considering Zynga also has a separate Poker game, it's rather ironic that their Mafia Poker for Mafia Wars turned out this way.

Worse yet, instead of bothering to fix the problem, Zynga told players to stop using scripts. SRSLY!! I highly doubt most of these occurrences were due to scripts, or else I would've been having this problem too.

Furthermore, Zynga shouldn't be telling us how to play the game. Not at this point. At this point, Zynga should be happy and grateful for every single one of us still playing Mafia Wars, not telling us "Hard Luck" and blaming their problems on scripts.

That's just my $0.02 worth. What do YOU think of this event?


  1. im sick of being told its your browser .. download this or that we have heard others having this same issue please be patient ... sick of pop ups making me refresh and lose every war ive gotten for missions ... and making limits so high that a person cant advance unless they have families or 10 thousand members on their list ...
    i started this game years ago on a cell phone then it was introduced on yahoo .. eventually fb and myspace ... the only ap they focus on is fb ... and selling stupid stuff forcing the economy further into the hole ... since advancement is next to impossible for me after all this time .. POOF good bye zynga .. good bye mafia .. im DONE .. its not fun ... and i shouldnt have to pay to play ..

  2. The rules are confusing, and I can't accept other free gifts because Im getting too many cards.

  3. I still maintain for a game based on numbers Zynga have missed something on the scale of discovering Fire or the Wheel, and that is RATIO!.

    A Level 4,000 with 1,000 Mafia, 15,000 Energy, 14,000 Stamina


    A Level 500 with 501 Mafia, 1,000 Energy, 700 Stamina

    Giving an event identical to both is going to make it easy for one or impossible for others, so the requirements should be scaled to the stats, for example in the extreme mission, doing the 700 Energy Job x 70 with the crappy pay out, means it would take the 2nd player nearly 3 months, maybe 2 with energy packs. Where as the first player will do it in 1 day, so the first player should get a harder ratio job to make it harder toc complete and the second a better job.

    Hell assign a different job randomly to each person. Choose a random numebr of iterations, are you lucky and get it auto-checker or do you get 100 iterations ? You level En amount should dictate the range of iterations for that task, for fight jobs, your stam should dictate the range, your attack should dictate the range of fight wins etc.

    If you have 10,000 Attack your wins should be 500-2,000 range with the possibility for auto-check, if you have 1,000 it should be 100-1,000 with auto-check possible.

    Simple things like this would make it equality hard for all players. These extreme missions I like, much like I like family progress as its something I can aim for daily.

    I have well over 1,000 RP, and I would have Happily have cained the traverse thing 40x and bought another 1,000 RP game card to do it again for a repeatable secret district for the skills, but Zynga missed the trick.

    I paid for Traverse, it reset, I paid again, and it locked, so I paid my 70ish RP, and still never got access nor compensated, and told my account showed nothing abnormal despite having the casino and the traverse 38 in my inventory and the mastery reset to 0, zynga say thats 'normal' and I didn't pay, so I'll NEVER buy another game card, given I'm level 70 Gold, I've spent money, but they have now lost my money.

    All they had to do was give me the 70 RP and say a set of Crate loot from the current Crates, and I'd have been happy and accepted that Traverse was glitched, but instead I'll keep my $100s in my pocket and once I run out of RP, I'll uninstall and play a game on my $8,000 Alienware Laptop (i7 960XM over Clocked to 4.6ghz, Dual 2gb Nvidia 580M SLI, 32gb 1600mhz Ram), sorry its not a laptop, its a cruz missile-top. Money I got obviously but Zynga don't want it :(