Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

MAFIA WARS Extended: Limited-Time-To-Request-Upgrade-Parts NYC Property: Assassin's Academy

From the Official Mafia Wars blog, regarding the Assassin's Academy:

We are aware that the progress of many Mafia Wars players was recently impacted by a game feed issue that was beyond our control. During the outage, any Assassin's Academy upgrade part requests you may have sent were not visible and/or functioning correctly. As a courtesy, we have extended the Assassin's Academy by 24 hours to give everyone a proper chance to fully upgrade the property via feed requests. You now have until 5:00 PM (Pacific Time) on Tuesday 1/24 to upgrade the property with the help of your Mafia sending you upgrade parts. We apologize for the inconvenience earlier and thank you for your patience. - The Mafia Wars Team

1 comment:

  1. Dear Zynga:
    Thanks for yet another empty gesture to placate me, but the thing is, I have decided that real-life, with all its myriad troubles, inconsistencies, things I don't particularly look forward to, etc., is FAR more interesting and entertaining than the silly piece-of-shit you people call a 'pasttime'. However, if you decide that the original version of Mafia Wars, (the version over 25 million people once adored and were enslaved by, willingly!) should ever be ressurected, I'll gladly dump my gorgeous girlfriend, go back to a menial temp job, and move into a shittier apartment, so that we may revel in each others company for days on end, again. Hell, I might even spend actual US Dollars on you!

    Meantime, though, in the marketplace of attentions, you're woefully inadequate, to the point where a screaming 4 year old (not mine!) is more fun to be around.

    Fuck you, sincerely,
    Chango Fumando