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Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

MAFIA WARS Dead Or Alive event, new loot items added

In addition to new mystery bags, several new loot items have been added to the Mafia Wars inventory overnight, one of which appears to reveal an upcoming event called Dead Or Alive.

Smooth Perfection (A:75 D:110) from Gifting
Shot Blade (A:103 D:67) from Gifting
Lightning Resistant Suit (A:69 D:104) from Gifting
Black Velvet (A:102 D:63) from Gifting
Wholphin (A:64 D:103) from Gifting
Tarot Reader (A:104 D:66) from Gifting
Barrel (A:69 D:103) from Gifting
Viper Scale Vest (A:102 D:68) from Gifting
Outlaw (A:77 D:176) from Special Event

The Outlaw is listed as a special event item, and it states "This item is available during the 'Dead or Alive' event. Apparently the Outlaw is also invisible, as there is no graphic for it.

In fact, none of the items added have graphics, except for the Smooth Perfection, which can be obtained by vaulting the new Disco Collection. These other items are listed as Gifting items, so I thought maybe these were new items that will drop from the new Mystery Bags, but I haven't seen them. What I HAVE seen a lot of from the new mystery bags are Biohazard Crate items.

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