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Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Friday, November 25, 2011

more on the Botanical Garden and requesting parts

If you get the message "This feed has expired", chances are it's not necessarily cause for alarm this time around.

It seems that Zynga had to go and mess with crap again (I really wish they would stop pissing off players like that). The good news is that the Mission Crew Links script workaround still works to help you continue collecting parts for your Botanical Garden. What has changed is that extra clicks on your parts requests posts will no longer carryover past the current level of upgrade you're working on.

For instance, you need 3 parts for the first level, and 6 people can click on the help posts to send parts. Before, what occurred was that players clicking to help would receive the message that "this user has received all the parts needed for this level" --until the player upgraded the property, then 3 more people could click through on the original post for help. Now, after the upgrade, helpers will get the message that the feed has expired.


  1. I kept on clicking the ask and ask for more button but its not doing anything :( ..

  2. the individual parts are causin the feed expired msg .. just been told this by zynga rep and to only use the main ASK ( random part ) for time being while they resolve this