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Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Save Don's Dinner

The Save Don's Dinner event has arrived, and looks like it will be with us for the next 8 and a half days.

EDIT, doesn't look like this has reached everyone's account yet. 
EDIT (by ~Anisty): slowly rolling out on accounts now.  Expect the fight page to now have this nifty bar where ~Z~ gives you yet another chance to spend your RP.

You can ask for Turkeys directly from the Mafia Wars home page banner, and you can also "earn" them by doing jobs and fighting. Apparently they are "stolen" from the other player when you get them from fighting and icing.

Sending "Turkey Protection" to your friends will help 'protect' their Turkeys from those fights. There isn't much explanation as to how that works; I would guess these act sort of like defense boosts, and you'll use one per time you are attacked, but I'm not sure.

There's also something here called "Turkey Vision", which will let you see who has Turkeys for you to steal.

The Don's invited you to Thanksgiving dinner, but he needs more birds.
Collect 25 turkeys and he’ll reward you with a powerful item: his right-hand man, the Butler.

Thanksgiving Turkey
Collect turkeys by doing Jobs*, or ask Friends*.
You can also steal them in Fights* or by Icing.
Ask for help and earn up to 5 turkeys from your friends.

Turkey Protection
Send Protection to your friends to protect their turkeys from being stolen. Collect* Protection to keep your turkeys safe.

Turkey Vision
When Turkey Vision is active, you'll see who has turkeys which are easier to steal! You have 5 mins of free Turkey Vision.

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  1. They can stuff their turkeys where the sun dont shine :)