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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Don's Dinner gone missing? Zynga's word on the issue.

Save Don's Dinner has been pulled, due to some mysterious issue found during its release. According to Andrea A. of the Office of Zyngon Customer Crap Shoots, it was so it could be modified to avoid any 'inconvenience' to the players, and would return "soon", although she couldn't give me an estimate or even an educated guess.

Now there's a little banner at the top of your Mafia Wars game advising you they're aware of some issue, directing you to the Troll's Nest, I mean forum.

Cerulean has posted this:
"Save Don's Dinner" Event Not Available
Issue: Some players are reporting that the "Save Don's Dinner" event is not available in their game.
Status: Fix in development. Our slow roll-out of the event allowed us to catch a number of bugs serious enough that they must be fixed before we can release the event to everyone. We’ve temporarily removed the event from all accounts while we work to correct the discovered issues. Please check back here for the latest status updates surrounding the release of the "Save Don's Dinner" event.
And the same thing has also gone out on the official Mafia Wars blog.

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