Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Family Property Updates

The official Mafia Wars blog has posted some more information about the Artillery Station for the Family Properties in Mafia Wars. Most of this we already knew or have figured out, but there's a point of two worth reading:

We've edited the in-game explantion of Family Properties for clarity and to include some tweaks (in bold italics below) we've since made to the feature:

Your Family Property is a property shared by your family. It provides a bonus stat to the entire family. The higher the level of your Family Property, the higher the bonus stat received by your family. The bonus stat is calculated based on the level of your property and the damage status, so ensure that you upgrade and repair your property frequently in order to earn the highest bonus stat possible.

You can upgrade your property by using consumable parts. Your property can be upgraded up to a maximum of Level 10. If damaged, you will need to repair your property before you can upgrade it.

The defense of your property is determined by the items allocated to your property by the individual members of your family. Each member can contribute 5 items per property, but these will be permanently removed from one's Inventory, so choose wisely. Both the attack and the defense stats of these items count towards the defense of your property. Items of all classes may be contributed, excluding limited or restricted items.

Different combinations could earn special bonuses.
Once damaged, the health of your property regenerates over time. You can also repair your property by using consumable parts. Remember, you can only upgrade your property once it is fully repaired, so make sure that you repair any damage to your property immediately.

You and each member of your family can obtain the following maximum number of consumable parts per day to repair/upgrade your property:

– 20 parts from requests
– 20 parts from feeds (a feed can be published every 6 hours)
60 parts from successfully robbing rival properties

You can rob your rivals' Family Properties as you stand to win repair/upgrade consumable parts. The damage dealt to a rival property is determined by two factors – the strength of the player attacking the property and the defense strength of the property being attacked.

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