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Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Friday, January 6, 2012

MISSION IMPOSSIBLE, END OF DAYS: impossible to complete, unless of course you PAY

Seriously, don't bother. It looks like you can NOT complete the End Of Days Mission Event in Mafia Wars without paying and paying dearly to do so. It's literally impossible. After looking at some of the screen shots posted by other players who were for some reason willing to actually pay to get this done, I'm guesstimating it would take almost 19 days to complete the wars and building and collecting of properties alone--that's not even counting some of the objectives that require large amounts of energy wasted on doing some specific job over and over again, which would likely result in waiting for energy to refill for most of us.  And that's IF you declare war, build, and collect exactly at the time you're able to do so. Most highly-engaged, several-times-a-day players cannot meet that, so for those of us who play normally, you're looking at more like 26 days by my guesstimate--and again that's only for the parts involving wars, building from properties, and collecting from properties. There's less than 14 days in which to do this thing. My guesstimates may be off by a day or two here and there, but the conclusion is pretty obvious.

The only way this can be saved is if somehow the objectives in upcoming missions will count previous property collections and builds, and wars declared and won, which I doubt will be the case. I'd be surprised. I will play through the first few missions to be sure though.

If this turns out to be truly impossible, I think Zynga can kiss goodbye several thousand more players, and I might just be one of them. This game is already not worth paying much if anything for, and this mission event makes it look like they're trying to make this one of the most expensive games out there. At this rate it costs you more than other BETTER subscription games available, and I'm sick of all this BUY BUY BUY being shoved down our throats. That's poor business practice, if that's how they think they can "double paying customers".

Mission #1: Alpha
Mission #2: In The Beginning
Mission #3: The Big Bang 
Mission #4: Redemption 
Mission #5: Resolution 
Mission #6: Retribution 
Mission #7: Armageddon 
Mission #8: ...With a Whimper 
Mission #9: Omega 
Mission #10: Post Script

This mission event was first released with objectives that were literally impossible to complete in the given time frame--I called it Mission Impossible, and later amended or "retuned" to make it easier to complete.


  1. thats crazy, I will have to pass.

  2. $ynga $ynga $ynga... what *are* you thinking?

  3. Simply not enough payoff in this rp equation. Better loot to buy in the marketplace for less than what you would waste on this. ~ My opinion.