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Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

School of Choice timer problem?

The day after the School of Choice limited time property was introduced into the game, I noticed something odd about the timer on my home page before I could ask for parts again. I had last asked for parts the night before, and yet when I logged in that next morning, there were still a couple of hours left on the timer before I could ask again even though it had been well over 8 hours since I last posted for help. When I was able to ask for parts next, the timer correctly showed 8 hours, and no one else had mentioned it so I shrugged it off as a one-time thing.

Today I saw someone in my news feed questioning about the timer as well. Lore had this happen to her between her last post for help last night, and her first post for help today; she had to wait at least 10 hours. Has anyone else experienced this?


  1. This happened to me once

  2. I have to and like you thought it was a one time thing.. zynga'd again :P