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Thursday, January 5, 2012

new property and mission loot items added

A whole bunch of loot items have been added to the Mafia Wars inventory, since I last checked inventory around 10PM last night.

There is one item added "from Gifting", the Chinese Dragon. It has decent stats, at 105/132.
Chinese Dragon (A:105 D:132) from Gifting

There are also several mission loot items added--new mission event?
Phosphorescent Harness (A:125 D:83) from Mission
Snow Goggles (A:84 D:124) from Mission
Grill (A:124 D:86) from Mission
Liquid Metal (A:80 D:128) from Mission
Turkey Buzzard (A:82 D:126) from Mission
Slasher (A:165 D:97) from Mission

More Marketplace items...which I never buy.
Cotton-Top Tamarin (A:160 D:92) from Marketplace
Silo Suit (A:91 D:160) from Marketplace
Viking Bandolier (A:160 D:91) from Marketplace
Scion Heavy Machine (A:92 D:160) from Marketplace

Now these items I found interesting! New property items, several of them, and clearly these are staggered for different levels of mastery. The Poison Dagger and Death From Afar have 3 levels of mastery, as do the Candy Dandy and Prune Juice, while the Corner Shot and Sky Hopper have 4, and the Assassin and Hop Chopper have five levels of mastery. Even higher than Ruby, these items go to Emerald mastery. My first guess is some of these are for another limited time property, but clearly there is something new and different coming our way soon, property-wise. New levels to existing properties? Some of those items have stars as though there were some mastery idea behind them. I guess we will very soon find out...I just hope Zynga doesn't dump all this on us at once.

Poison Dagger (A:77 D:31) from Property
Poison Dagger (A:80 D:33) from Property
Poison Dagger (A:83 D:35) from Property
Death From Afar (A:41 D:86) from Property
Death From Afar (A:43 D:89) from Property
Death From Afar (A:46 D:92) from Property
Corner Shot (A:95 D:63) from Property
Corner Shot (A:98 D:64) from Property
Corner Shot (A:101 D:66) from Property
Corner Shot (A:104 D:67) from Property
Assassin (A:70 D:107) from Property
Assassin (A:73 D:110) from Property
Assassin (A:76 D:113) from Property
Assassin (A:79 D:116) from Property
Assassin (A:82 D:119) from Property
Candy Dandy (A:32 D:79) from Property
Candy Dandy (A:34 D:82) from Property
Candy Dandy (A:36 D:85) from Property
Prune Juice (A:88 D:42) from Property
Prune Juice (A:91 D:44) from Property
Prune Juice (A:94 D:47) from Property
Sky Hopper (A:64 D:97) from Property
Sky Hopper (A:65 D:100) from Property
Sky Hopper (A:67 D:103) from Property
Sky Hopper (A:68 D:106) from Property
Hop Chopper (A:109 D:71) from Property
Hop Chopper (A:112 D:74) from Property
Hop Chopper (A:115 D:77) from Property
Hop Chopper (A:118 D:80) from Property
Hop Chopper (A:121 D:83) from Property

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  1. You know they're gonna shove it all down our throats at once Misty, what more would we expect from them?