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Saturday, January 7, 2012

END OF DAYS: Mission Impossible becomes Mission Possible

You may now actually be able to complete the Mission Impossible End Of Days mission event in Mafia Wars!

I first noticed this on the mission bar Instead of building 18 items from your Speakeasy, it now says 6.

I found this on the forums:

Today we retuned our quest event to reduce the difficulty of some tasks that were set to be more difficult than intended. We made these changes quickly so that players would have enough time to complete the new mission tasks. We would also like to assure those who spent RP to complete any mission tasks will have those RP refunded next week.


The Mafia Wars Team 

Unintended? :D Well, I'm very glad that this change has been made. I hope the changes are significant enough that we can still get this done despite the nearly 2 days now lost. And for those that spent RPs trying to get the original missions done, refunds may be imminent. That doesn't happen often, and that, to me, makes this gesture sincere.

Here's what the first mission, Alpha, looked like before. 

Here's what it looks like now. That's the difference between one day of building items and nearly three days of building items. (The difference in XP rewards are just because the screen shots were taken from different accounts, there has been no change in the XP rewards.)

I'm glad this has taken place, I was very unhappy; for a long time, I did not enjoy and did not participate in the mission events. The past few mission events however, I've started doing the missions and completing the mission events. It would have sucked to 'lose' this feature so soon after I started enjoying it.

Mission #1: Alpha
Mission #2: In The Beginning
Mission #3: The Big Bang 
Mission #4: Redemption 
Mission #5: Resolution 
Mission #6: Retribution 
Mission #7: Armageddon 
Mission #8: ...With a Whimper 
Mission #9: Omega 
Mission #10: Post Script

This mission event was first released with objectives that were literally impossible to complete in the given time frame--I called it Mission Impossible, and later amended or "retuned" to make it easier to complete.

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