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Saturday, January 7, 2012

End Of Days mission event, mission #2: In The Beginning

Now that Zynga has "retuned" this mission event in order for it to be completable, I'm finally on the second mission in the End Of Days mission event for Mafia Wars, which is called In The Beginning. I'm right away not thrilled with the exorbitant energy costs of this retuned mission, but that's not wholly out of the ordinary so I'm game to give it a try.

The first objective is to 0/12 ACTIVATE 12 CREW MEMBERS IN BRAZIL. Well, you're going to have to wait at least 8 hours to complete this one, as you can only activate up to 8 crew members at one time. 

Remember to GO SLOW when activating crew members, because these missions are notorious for not counting all activations otherwise. As you can see above, it still missed 2 of mine, even though I thought I was clicking slow enough. I should be ok as long as I go even slower in 8 more hours when I can activate more crew members to finish this objective.

I did run into this little graphical glitch, which freaked me out at first. The next time I entered the game, it didn't look like I had any crew members activated, even though I had just activated all of them not 5 minutes previously. The crew members are still there though, and this didn't affect the activations already counted for.

For the next objective, 0/40 ROB 40 TIMES IN BRAZIL, things are relatively straightforward but I still ran into some problems. Mafia Wars does count all successful robbing attempts won when you use Rob Squads. Or it's supposed to. The problem I encountered was that it didn't count two of my robbing boards that I cleared in Brazil, nor did it seem to be a cache or reloading issue. They just weren't counted. It wasn't a huge deal for me as I had enough stamina to cover it, but you may have to contact Customer Support if you encounter the same.

This is the part I'm still grumbly about. I've got to do this already-mastered job 30 more times? And at 675 energy a pop that's going to shake out to around 20,000 energy spent on this one freakin' objective. Good thing I still have an 8 hour wait for the crew members, but this one may take even longer. We'll see.

In the Beginning

Rosario Dominquez

I am making a list! Santa might have gone, but the naughty ones still need to be punished.



    Spread your web across the world.

  • 0/40 ROB 40 TIMES IN BRAZIL.

    Weaken them by taking away what is precious to them.


    One must learn the art of negotiation using the barrel of a gun.

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This mission event was first released with objectives that were literally impossible to complete in the given time frame--I called it Mission Impossible, and later amended or "retuned" to make it easier to complete.

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