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Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Monday, December 5, 2011

Zynga breaks Mission Crew Links

It looks as though Zynga has once again broken one of our toys and made a change that prevents the Mission Crew Links script from helping us build our limited time properties, or at least many players are reporting problems using it. I hope it's just a temporary problem, but I have a hunch this was an intentional move on Zynga's part. Attempting to run it more than once will get you the message that you need to be on your Mafia Wars home page.

Considering we've been dealing with broken Mafia Wars invites in our ZMC for quite some time now, among other things, it frankly pisses me off that Zynga appears to have once again wasted more time on one-upping their players instead of fixing things that are truly broken. I can't wait to see how many players quit over this. Kind of ironic, too, considering they've just asserted that they aren't closing Mafia Wars.

Very convincing, Zynga.


  1. ugh, thanks zynga . . NOT. I give up on these properties now. Spock's script was the only way I could get them done.

  2. I will never finish my Botanical Garden now :(