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Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

new loot items added to inventory 12-6

More items were added to our inventory sometime in the past several hours.

Point 4 (A:92 D:66) from Gifting
Triplets (A:70 D:90) from Gifting
Camo Vest (A:94 D:61) from Gifting
Hunter Boots (A:69 D:91) from Gifting
Tracker Bike (A:93 D:65) from Gifting
Solar Glide Drone (A:68 D:92) from Gifting
Tokay Gecko (A:92 D:65) from Gifting
Tibetan Sand Fox (A:67 D:91) from Gifting
Shanghai Triad (A:91 D:66) from Gifting
Adrenaline Rush (A:69 D:90) from Gifting

Other than "from Gifting", I didn't see any further information in Inventory about what these are for. We've got something called "Don's Gift" scheduled for this week...that would be my best guess.We'll find out soon.

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