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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Crime Spree gift posts are spam

Of all the useless, sheerly spam posts that Zynga pushes on unthinking players, the Crime Spree gifts rank near the top. I honestly don't understand why the post is even there, and I understand even less why some people persist in publishing them. Every. Single. One.

The posters of Crime Spree gifts inevitably say "thanks". Thanks for what? Who are they thanking? Those posts don't go to the person that sent them the decidedly-subpar gift, they go to the general news feed where all their other friends have to look at it. And these posts do not give any bonus or reward to anyone clicking on it. All it does is load up Mafia Wars. We all already know how to do that.

The above post was saying thanks for this baby, the Tora Assault Rifle. An item with crap for stats which was looooong ago outdated. It might have been useful...more than 2 years ago. In fact, none of the gifts you get from opening safes is worth bragging about, much less thanking anyone for. Have a look at the Wiki regarding Crime Spree gifts,  and see for yourself.

The only noteworthy feature of the entire Crime Spree system is the fact that each player can get a small amount of energy or stamina for "sending" a crime spree gift, up to 5 times a day. Arguably, this part is actually helpful for a lot of players. When I get stuck close to leveling, I search my Facebook newsfeed for Crime Spree links to level up. 

Crime Spree links are static, by the way. Create one using Linkanator, stick it in your profile information, and never bother with it again. Then when your friends actually need the bonus, they can go to your profile and access your link every single day if they want/need. I never even open the safes that are sent to me when people use my Crime Spree link; all that matters is that my friends got the energy or stamina they needed.

By all means, make use of them. But don't post the damn things, they're useless.

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