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Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Team Is

I'm getting really sick of getting no answer but "we're working on it" about why in the h3ll the loot drops in Brazil have not be restored to their correct drop rates.

This thread on has an official post from yesterday that the issue would be fixed soon. A few hours ago, that got downgraded to "the team is working to fix the error". O RLY?

Last Wednesday, June 1st, CM stated that he would have someone looking into the issue about the Brazil loot drops in this forum thread.

A couple of days later, nothing had changed, so I asked for an update.

A short while later we were told that a fix would be released shortly.

Another day and a half later, I asked again for an update.

A little while later came the same response: "The team is aware of this issue."

I'm not trying to pick a fight with CM here, he's just the unlucky messenger who happens to be the only source of information/communication about the topic right now. But why's it so hard to get an answer from Zynga about this? That's what I'm wanting to know at this point. I'm just tired of the same non-answer. Not getting 5x loot drops in Brazil for 5x the stamina cost is a big deal to some players. So why is it not working 4 days after the team became aware of the issue? Did everyone just go home for the weekend, or something? Just give us an update. Or better yet, fix it.

This Non Update was brought to you by someone with far too much time on her hands :0)


  1. Oh thanks... i was wondering if they new about this..... GRRRRRrrr....

  2. Sure they know. There is no incentive for them to fix it. They want those w/alot of stamina on their hands to spend hours fighting instead of a half hour. Takes me about 4-5 hours to finish 4K stamina in NY, 1/2 hour in Brazil.

    I am getting ready to leave this game. It is just one aggravation heaped upon another almost every day.

  3. I just went to getsatisfaction to air my opinion on this, but CM says it is NOW FIXED

    I can only hope so...this is so wearying to have to keep complaining. I am got-dang tired of being a watch dog & unpaid beta tester