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Thursday, June 2, 2011

problems asking for Brazil Crew

I had to pass out before the fight changes hit my account last night, and I'm waking up today to a LOT of changes and some problems. One of things I've been seeing is people complaining that they now have to send Facebook requests to get additional Brazil Crew, and I have good news for you folks: you can still publish a news feed post to get your Brazil crew! They just changed it around a little bit.

The more Facebook requests that we send to each other, the happier Zynga is, so it doesn't surprise me that they made that the first option for obtaining crew members. Unlike the energy pack snafu, though, this time they did leave in the option for the news feed post.

You're probably used to just clicking on the Ask button to post for Brazil crew members. 
Which now takes you to this page, where it seems you have to send a Facebook request in order to get crew. 

But back up - go back to the fight page in Brazil, and instead of clicking the Ask Button, click on the dropdown crew menu just to the left. Now click on Recruit.

Presto! There's your news feed post. 

1 comment:

  1. I posted this 3 times last night and people told me they got a message that the time has expired to help. The only way I can get Brazil crew is to post a tiny url for it.