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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

will the icing event get extended?

The clock is running down fast now on the Put Em On Ice event, and many of us are still waiting and watching to see if Zynga is going to man up and extend it. Zynga is causing a lot of problems with their stupid slow rollouts. This time, many players (myself included) had to wait four days after everyone else to get Put Em On Ice, and it's not helping their approval rating as far as I'm concerned. Right now there are a lot of players who are upset that they can't finish this event, thanks to Zynga delaying its release for four days.

Yes, I finished the event. It was moderately challenging for me, but I have a decent amount of stamina and can usually level up when I need to. Not everyone's stats are allocated the same way, so this event has been doubly challenging for a lot of players. A lot of us had to sit around and wait for days, while our friends got a head start thanks to Zynga.

I'm seeing people starting to give up! Zynga, you can't start to roll out an event, and then just go home for the weekend. You left your players hanging for FOUR DAYS. You left ME hanging for FOUR DAYS. That is not a slow rollout. That is sheer laziness on Zynga's part, and now they don't even want to take responsibility for it. I cry foul on behalf of the players who need that time.

In Zyngon time, the business day is about to get started after a long holiday weekend. Perhaps we'll see some response from Zynga in the next few hours.Tick tock.

1 comment:

  1. IMO, it should be extended. I was also included in the slow rollout and it's not fair that other players had finished the event before It was active for me to start it. That's Bad for Business.