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Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Where in the world are the Hung Chu Enforcers??

If you've started working on the Crossing The Line mission event, you may have noticed that the drop rate stinks for the Hung Chu Enforcers required for the first quest. I got 1 in about 1500 energy. For that part of the mission, you have to loot 12 of them from "Hire an unsavory crew" job, which is in the Pirate episode in Bangkok.

And the stats for the item suck, so don't look for a silver lining there.

In the forum thread regarding the new mission event, at least one person reports not getting credit for the Hung Chu Enforcers that they were able to loot. My lone Hung Chu Enforcer is better than what others are getting, though! One player reported spending over 9,000 energy for zero Hung Chu Enforcers. I saw a few posts that suggested reducing click speed may increase drop rates.

I might have to dust off ye olde e-ho; I'm curious now.

Feature Contributor Jose Perez also is having trouble looting this. Additionally, he says that they cannot be gifted to other players for credit. It seems the Zyngons can fix a bug, after all...


  1. level 1956 - 10722 energy expended, 150 jobs completed, 8% drop rate. Not even close to worth it for the rewards for the mission.

  2. I spent about 6 or 7K energy. They started dropping really good towards the end. It must be different on all accounts.

  3. 6000 energy spent (manually not repeat job)0 enforcers.

  4. about 2.5K energy and I have 2.