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Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

players speak out about latest slow rollout

Over the weekend, a lot of players became increasingly upset that they were not given the Put 'Em On Ice ice mastery event. When it finally hit our games yesterday, we found that we were not even being given the same amount of time as the players who received it first. Getting shafted due to Zynga's irresponsibility and negligence in its handling of "slow rollouts" isn't fun, and this latest occurrence has a lot of players speaking out about it.

Player Dviz Nana posted a red alert on the Mafia Wars Getsatisfaction page, and it's drawn a lot of "likes", "me toos", and comments. "I am owed 4 more days to complete it in the same amount of time. I don't like being blatantly lied to and feel cheated & robbed by ZYNGA," she writes. "I want the 4 days and don't know why I can't have them. Is [it]something that is beyond the Zynga developers capabilities to do?"   

That's a very good question, I think. Zynga knew going into this event that 1000 ices would be difficult for many players, yet irresponsibly left the job undone before clocking out Friday without updating the event timer.

I suspect we will see Zynga extend this event. From my perspective though, the issue is not just if Zynga is going to 'fix' the event timer for players who were shorted, the issue is also that their idea of slow rollouts continues to negatively affect its players. And we're losing patience with it.

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  1. TY for promoting this complaint. It is very hard to get people to take the time to voice their dis-satisfaction.

    I, really, appreciate it.

    DViz Nana
    I am sorry I don't have any of the selections offered to comment as, so I will have to chose Anonymous

  2. I get screwed everytime they roll something new out. This is just the latest way Zynga has screwed me. I still don't have the new loot drop under operations.

  3. On behalf of DViz Nana:
    I am her "other" half

  4. Thank you sis for always keeping on Zynga's back for their screw ups (which are many)