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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Defeat Kassina Kunoichi 411/FAQ

Defeat? Wasn't that for Rafael? It's "Eliminate", silly editors!
The 411/FAQ (or whatever they're calling it these days) for the Kassina Kunoichi boss fight has now been posted.

The event is scheduled to end on Tuesday May 31st. Supposedly, this boss also has an 8 hour heal timer. That was said about Roughhouse Rafael too though, and I never noticed that to be the case for that event (at least in my game).

It's worth noting that the mission combo remains the same as from the first boss fight we had using combos.
Q:  I unlocked the mission combo on the previous boss fight, is it still available?
A:  Yes.  The mission combo remains the same from the first boss event and will appear unlocked on the current boss fight.

For job, fighting, and robbing consumables, you can collect up to 50 each day. Shotgun Blasts, which are obtained through gifting, can be collected up to 40 per day.

It's obvious that they copy/pasted most of this info from Roughhouse Rafael's FAQ. Check out the date pertaining to the mission event we were wondering about!

If all of the information holds true, we can expect a mission event (or quest event...whatever) and maybe an achievement sometime during this event.

 Hard to say about the achievement part since that was definitely simply copy and pasted from Roughhouse Rafael's info. Most of us have already discovered all 3 combos, and I know several people have already beat the boss. We'll see.

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