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Friday, May 27, 2011

X-men FAQ is up

The X-Men FAQ is now up on the Zynga support site. It sure would have been nice had they posted this yesterday when they released the event. It contains a lot of the same blah-blah information that they always include, but there are some useful facts in it.

The event will end mid-day on Thursday, June 2nd.

Q:  What if I did not receive the event on the first day that it was released, will I be allowed any extra time to complete the event?
A:  This event is designed to be completed within a few days with standard amounts of game play.  As with most of our events, we allow extra time within the event schedule to ensure that most players will be able to maximum their time and enjoyment of the event, and collect as many rewards as possible.  Because these events are scheduled in advance, additional time can not be added to individual accounts and the event will conclude for all players at the same time.

 It also more fully addresses the timer question.

Q:  What happens if I find more than 10 of an item?
A:  When you have more than ten of any item in your account a timer will start.  This timer gives you 30 minutes to post these items to your feed so that someone can collect them.  

Q:  What will happen if the items are not posted before the timer expires?
A:  The items will be removed from your inventory if you do not post them in time.

Q:  Will i get any type of credit for the extra items that I do not post in time?
A:  No.  This is part of the challenge.  The extra items must be posted within the 30 minute time frame or they will be lost.

And something I find very confusing is this entry in the FAQ:
Q:  Are these items tradable?
A:  Yes.  Users can trade all 7 items and can collect up to 4 mastery items.
Unless I'm missing something, that makes it sound like you can have up to 4 mastery items. But all you get is one, with 4 upgrades of mastery through ruby level.

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