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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Kassina Kunoichi slightly corrected: no mission/achievement

Before, as per a screen shot of Kassina Kunoichi's FAQ I took only a short while ago:
Q: Is there mastery for defeating the Boss?
A. Yes! Players will receive a mastery item (bronze, silver, or gold) each time they knock out the Boss, however you will not actually finish the Boss until you have reached the gold mastery level. But, don't defeat the Boss on the gold level too quickly, because on 5/12/11, a quest event will begin that will have the final combo so that you can earn the achievement.

After, all mention of the quest and achievement are removed.

And this question/answer about the achievement was removed entirely.

In this forum thread, which I referenced earlier today, Super Moderator Cerulean Master has finally addressed the questions: "There is no mission or achievement associated with this Boss Fight."

So there you have it, no mission/quest, no achievement. 

Personally, I'm not upset at this news, I just think it's laughable that the FAQ was released with such a ripe case of Copy/Paste. But we already have TOO MUCH going on in the game right now, and more that we know is coming. The last thing I want is another mission event, or another event of any kind, for that matter.

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