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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mission: The Ties that Frustrate Fusion

So here I am... close to the end...

Having navigated the hazard of click speed to fill 5 Crew Slots....

Used free fights to take out the Guards and save 160 stamina...

Trying to jump the Fusion hurdle gracefully...

At the end of my 2nd fill of energy...

I get a Cerveja? Sure... I got a ruby vest in this run... that's the little gold asterisk... but a beverage... I want the beverage AFTER the mission!

What is a Cerveja?

It is not a cocktail... like the others in it's Brazil Collection

It is a beer.

What do you get when you don't know that and search for a recipe?

Frango Na Cerveja - Chicken in Beer

Pot{[Chicken + (Caramelized onion)](350 degree oven +30 min)}Foil

Bifinhos Estufados Com Cerveja - Steak Stuffed with Beer

Frying Pan + Steak + Onion = Grease
Grease + Flour + Beer = Gravy
[Gravy +Cooked (Steak + Onion)](low heat+1 hour)

Given the sweltering heat here today the oven for a half hour beats stovetop simmering for an hour... I hope that they are intending this for a cube steak? If you would like the link to the full Epicurious recipe comment on our fan page and I'll give ya' the scoop :-)

Now I'm going to get a beer and an energy pack and finish this mission!!

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