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Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

update: UnlockedMW toolbar v1.1.7

The UnlockedMW blog announced yesterday that a new version of the toolbar is available for download. Alex says this version is working very well, and indeed it's been working fine for me since I installed it this morning.

Many players recently experienced issues with the toolbar, or found that, as in my case, it disappeared altogether from your game without uninstalling it :-/ Myself and other Mistyfied admins and contributors continue to get questions about this, so I talked to Alex briefly this morning. He explained that the issue was actually overusage of the toolbar, because the hosting server could not handle all the traffic. 

It's good news that so many players are using the toolbar so often, but it's costly news for the toolbar's creator. They have switched to a better service, which can for now handle and adjust to the toolbar's growing use. Monthly costs have gone up with this change, and are expected to go higher.

If you use the toolbar frequently, consider donating a few dollars to keep it going. In cases like these, a few dollars from a few people go a long way. You can donate to UnlockedMW by going directly to their site at

You can install or reinstall the toolbar from the UnlockedMW downloads page, for either Chrome or Firefox. Be sure to also visit the UnlockedMW fan page for support and updates.

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