Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Friday, July 22, 2011

The Big Heist robbing event

I just started noticing these littering my news feed, and then saw a post on the fan page by one of our admins. Time to investigate!

I clicked on one and collected a "Rob Squad".

And there's now a big banner on the Mafia Wars home page about The Big Heist. "Max out robbing for 2x Rewards".

You can also ask for Rob Squads from your friends. 

On the robbing page I now see a Rob All button, and it says 88 stamina in parenthesis. That would be the total stamina cost to rob the entire board.

 I got this for a few seconds *g*

But then I saw the results screen with all properties robbed. Very nice! It's much easier to rob all properties with a single click, rather than clicking on each property individually.

Another Mistyfied admin noticed the additional bonus from using the Rob All button.

 The next big question would be, how many times a day can we collect these Rob Squads and use the Rob All feature? We know Zynga loves their irritatingly-low limits, and they do not disappoint in this case either. I got the message that I can only collect 5 Rob Squads 'from feeds' per day. That was only the second post I clicked on, but I did ask for Rob Squads via a feed post a few minutes ago, so you can only get a total of 5, at least from feeds, either your own or clicking on someone else's post. That sucks.

Lastly for now, I noticed the robbing screen has gotten some minor graphical changes. The Refresh button got a facelift, and so did the burners. It rather irritates me when Zynga wastes time (and I assume employee resources and therefore funding money) on updating stupid sh*t like this when there are so many other things in the game that the PLAYERS think Zynga should be focusing on instead.


  1. Actually I don't think that the button re-make was a total waste... notice that the "Rob All" button has the same format... by placing the stamina flame on both hopefully newbies won't be lost?