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Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mission Timeline - Grab the Bangkok Raspberry

Well if they are going to stick out their tongue at those of us that struggled for months and months to finish Bangkok... they are doing it in medieval style!

Here is the breakdown of the cost in time, begging, and Baht to make it through this mission.

Free Gifts?

Yes... you will need some Forger's Gloves... but only 23... not too bad!

Jobs Used

NONE... you don't need a single Bangkok job to finish this mission... Considering the number of people who had to sell all they had to finish Episode 7... this is AWESOME!!!

Faction Balance

Doesn't matter!!

What does? Just a little bit of resistance when it comes to the "Collect All" button on the Bangkok properties... and one boss fight... how cool and laid back is this:::::

Part 1 Urgent - Send Help

Don't - Collect Fighting Fish Arena (8 hours), Collect Trading Camp Amno (24 hours), Start a War (8 hours) , Worry about Pirates (unless you have jobs to finish to complete the city)

7 D 00:00 Build Armor 1 (18 hours)

6 D 23:30 Get 6 Brazil Crew Members - do not need to fill slots
6 D 06:00 Build Armor 2

Do - Have Forger's Glove gifts ready to accept - 23 in total in 2 parts over 8 hours

Part 2 - Welcome Wagon

6 D 05:30 Get 5 Mafia Supporters
6 D 05:00 30 Fights with Goons... 120 Stamina total

Part 3 - It Was a Trap

6 D 04:30 "Have" 8 Forger's Gloves

6 D 04:00 Fight 30 Opponents (do not need to win all... just fight)

Part 4 - Shadow King's Fate

Do Not - Have your Brazil Crew Queue full, Continue to Resist the Trading Camp Ammo / Collect All in Bangkok

Do - Have Forger's Glove gifts ready to accept - 15 by the end of the 8 hours

6 D 03:30 Declare War 1 (8 hours)

6 D 03:00 Collect Fighting Fish Arena 1 (8 hours)

6 D 02:30 5 Ices

5 D 19:30 Declare War 2

5 D 19:00 Collect Fighting Fish Arena 2

Part 5 - Death to the Disgraced

5 D 18:30 "Have" 15 Forger's Gloves

5 D 18:00 20 Inside Tips from Fights

5 D 17:30 Fight 10 Bodyguards in the Fight List

Part 6 - Bye Bye Bangkok

5 D 17:00 Collect Trading Camp Ammo 1 (24 hours)

5 D 16:30 Fight the Toshiki Boss
5 D 16:00 Get 6 Brazil Crew Members

5 D 15:30 15 Robs

4 D 17:00 Collect Trading Camp Ammo 2


Sooo.... even if the Boss is horrid and difficult there are days and days to work on killing him / her / them!!

I'll be bantering along as I go in the Mission Event - Bangkok Bye-Bye Discussion over on our Fan Page while I make my way through this RP free... stop by and say howdy... and let everyone know what you think of this send off!

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