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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Global Mission: Betrayal In Bangkok

Bangkok Closes August 3rd
Zynga has released the banner for the upcoming Betrayal In Bangkok mission event. It's hard to miss the timer up at the top, with the words "Bangkok Closing In" in front of a blank timer.

At 12 noon Pacific time tomorrow the 27th, the mission event should kick off, and is supposed to last a week. During the event we'll get 5x mastery in Bangkok (thank GOD!), and at the end of the week, we get booted out of Bangkok.

We'll also be able to loot this item, the Iron and Silk, a weapon with (74,73) for stats. Not shabby, and we'll get the item from both fights and jobs.

Naturally, we'll have to collect an item, called the Forger's Glove from Free Gifts, and also Pirates.

 The Dragontongue is the grand prize for the event, and it looks badass! It has stats of (151,60).

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