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Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ruby Level Loot event survey

Zynga has a new survey for you to take, this one about the Ruby Level Loot event in Brazil, which wrapped up a couple of days ago.

There's only 3 questions, the first of which is did you even see the event? Yes, I did, unfortunately. Along with the 4 other events that were going on at the time.

They also wanted to know much you agree with statements that you enjoyed the feature, thought it was easy to use, and made your 'experience' more fun. As you can see, I very strongly disagreed with all of those statements. I hated this event, particularly since it came when there was so many other things going on in the game demanding my energy and stamina. F that.

The question actually gives you a text field to share any feedback that you may have about the event.

I know some people liked it and were able to benefit greatly from it, but I really couldn't. I only had Recife ruby mastered, so at most I was able to do like, two jobs per level. I ended up with all of ONE ruby level loot item.

Two thumbs down from me. Click HERE to take the survey and submit your own responses!


  1. It was a total joke and I bothered with one round of energy at the very beginning and got one item, I am also only have ruby mastery in Recife. Just another thing to chase after in hopes of getting a few new 'toys'. Maybe someday they'll listen someday to your average MW addict....*sigh*

  2. Spent all my energy and Stamina every day for 3 days and got nothing :( So it was a rip off

  3. I liked the fact that the event was at the same time as a Brazil Mission... that is how I got most of mine... getting on my ruby horse with my ruby shield and heading for the Brazilian hills!