Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

the good old days

I saw a thread in my news feed about old school Mafia Wars, and it really gave me a laugh.

What do you remember from the old days?

I remember when New York was the only city, and Armored Limos were king. LOL, when they were still Armored Limos! And later, when Cuba came out, remember how popular gaff hooks were?

I remember when it was considered bad gameplay to attack someone more than 3 or 5 times. In fact, I even mentioned that in some of my earlier Mafia Wars notes! Oh, how things change! These days when someone whines about getting hit X number of times, I say "So what? How much health do you have?"

Not to mention there are far fewer targets on the fight lists these days. We can't afford to count how many times we hit someone!

It's interesting too, to reflect on the 'evolution' of my game play and 'ethics'. Way back when, I was one of those angry ranters always going off about Zynga and other stupid players. While I clearly haven't lost the touch for a good angry rant every once in awhile, I've learned that just bitching about the game doesn't solve anything, and I've learned to be much more tolerant of the publishing and game play habits of my friends.

What do you remember about the good old days of Mafia Wars, and how has your game play changed since you started playing?


  1. I saw a Black Widow in my inactive items yesterday... I remember trying to level up to get enough RP to buy a second one so that I might be able to live longer when I tried to fight :-)!

  2. I remember when Zynga introduced a bit of randomisatiton into fights so that now and then you'd lose a fight, no matter how strong you were. Wow, did that raise a ruckus. Z rolled it back but that's pretty much what boosts do now. But every change was howled down to start with. Even though a lot of them were actually pretty good.

    Remember when boxing rings were as rare as hens teeth? You could just about name your price if you were lucky enough to have a spare.

    The vanilla MW was really basic click and click, and then click some more. If I had a strategy I don't remember it. Unless you count trying not to waste energy when leveling. And leveling WAS hard.

    There were relatively few dedicated fighters that I remember. Stamina was expensive, it cost twice as much as nrg, att or deg, and the rewards weren't there; it was all about the jobs. When someone got hit more than 5 or 6 times accusations of bullying, and offers to retaliate were common. All of that's changed of course as fightings become the main way to gather loot and getting hitlisted for even 100 or 200 hits is rare.

    Its a much better game now but the social side isn't as good. There are too many things to do and, unless you've farmed it out to bots, there's not the time for most people to visit friends pages and help out. That was common. At least in my group it was.

  3. i want this mafia wars back NOT this cry wars!!!!!

  4. i remember being sooooo mad that i couldn't get enough baht to buy faction store items. that loot was the bomb! attack/defense in the 50s?!?! i started on myspace in early 08 i think and it WAS all about jobs. log on fight enough to get my health below 20 and go crazy on jobs. i put almost everything into nrg. and when that was done and my energy pack was used, i logged off.

    when i quit myspace my nrg was like 550 and my stamina was 65. i didnt have att/def skill or mafia att/def goals til after i started my 2nd FB account in apr 2010. even then i was wondering if i would ever get above 100k and 3k for skills. well 15 months later i'm knocking on 180k att/def and skills around 5k. i guess this is the "power creep"....fight loot, robbing loot have definitely changed the game. to be honest though, without spockholm there is no way i could play the game. there is not enough time in the day. with so much going on at the same time the game has lost something. we spend too much time on ridiculous tasks that have NOTHING to do with mafia or crime. farmers insurance event? enough said. now that the event loot never helps my stats, i just wont do them. i'd rather fight, rob and complete jobs. and do boss fights. it has certainly changed